Steamy Statistics

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1. How often do men and women have sex? On average, men have sex 104 times a year and women have it 101. One in five adults has sex three or four times a week and five percent of people have sex once a day.

2. Who is the horniest? The Greeks appear to have the most sex at 138 sessions per year! The Japanese have it least at just 45 times a year but this is blamed on long working hours, high stress and small living spaces.

3. Who is sex obsessed? 54% of men think about sex every day compared to 19% of women.

4. When do we lose our virginity? The average age is 16 for men and 17 for women…that‚Äôs half way through GCSE‚Äôs in case you‚Äôre interested!

5. Gay, straight or bi? 90% of men consider themselves to be straight although 20% of gay men were once in a heterosexual relationship. 90% of women also consider themselves to be straight with 1.3% gay, 2.8% bi and 3.8 ‚Äėsomething else‚Äô. Hmmmm

6. When do we hear wedding bells? We tend to marry for the first time in our late 20s or very early 30s. 13% of married couples have only had sex a few times in the past year (maybe marriage isn’t such a good idea after all!).

7. How many partners? 10 for men and six for women globally, but some studies suggest it’s as low as four for women.

8. How often do we have DIY orgasms? 12 times a month for men and five times a month for women…but only 44% of women have masturbatedin their lifetimes. Or only 44% were honest on the questionnaire!

9. Common locations? 50% of us have had sex in the car, 31% have had a fumble in the park and 36% have had sex in a parent‚Äôs bed. Now that‚Äôs just weird…

10. Are we happy? Just 44% of people are happy with their sex lives. 41% of men wish they could have sex more frequently compared to just 29% of women.

Signs and their Weakness




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Aries¬†(March 21 to April 19):¬†Starting with the fire sign, Aries’ weakness is their anger and their explosive reaction. They are known as the ’emperor’. They don’t believe in yelling or ignoring the unfair, they just hit and prove their superiority by showing their emperorship. Their stubborn and head strong nature may prove to be destructive.

Taurus (April 20 to May 20): Taurus is rigid, unchanging and lazy. They are bound around their regular routine and makes really slow moves, so they miss out many good opportunities. They also become stubborn and have a tendency to exaggerate.
Gemini¬†(May 21 to June 21):¬†The air bearing twins are very fast and unpredictable; they move in different directions and work in different fields. They don’t care about their health so much and are considered to be double faced. They may act differently for personal gain.

Cancer (June 22 to July 22): Cancer is a shy, secretive and moody sign. They do not forget things easily and may seek revenge. They get jealous easily and may speak ill of others.  Their money-minded nature may be perceived as a negative trait.

Leo (July 23 to August 22): The son of the sun, lion (the Leo) is the sign of royalty and domination. Their weaknesses are that they have a deep desire to rule over all, they are stubborn in believing themselves and excessively use their power. Staying in the limelight is fine, but hogging it all the time is not.

Virgo¬†(August 23 to September 22):¬†Virgo has a problem when it comes to trusting others. They wouldn’t even trust their best friends.They are reluctant spenders. They criticize and nag; qualities which many find to be annoying.

Libra¬†(September 23 to October 22):¬†Libra gets confused all the time. Once in a while is fine, but to be indecisive whenever you ask something can be a frustrating thing to experience. They may be critical without paying heed to others’ emotions.

Scorpio (October 23 to November 21): They can be very vindictive as an enemy, so try not to bring out the worst in Scorpio. Their inability to make the right decision in love is their biggest weakness. They are stubborn too.

Sagittarius (November 22 to December 21): They get distracted very easily and also change their personality according to the situation. They have this desire to do too many things together, which can lead to problems later. They forget about all the practical things in the world.

Capricorn (December 22 to January 19) : Capricorn is too detached from reality and may also appear cold when in love. They are slow learners who take their time before adapting to something new.

Aquarius (January 20 to February 18): Aquarius desires freedom too much and believes in doing things alone. They have a quality of being coolly sarcastic and become highly impatient when they are hungry.

Pisces¬†(February 19 to March 20):¬†They are not very determined and excessively trust others. Pisceans are most difficult to understand. They are extremely sensitive and also very gullible. People may take advantage of Pisces’ naivete.

Prince Harry Naked

Prince Harry is definitely having fun!

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From the article: (Prince Harry) “getting BARE ASS NAKED during a game of strip billiards with a room full of friends in his VIP suite. “

And according to “The British royal family said Wednesday, August 22, that nude photographs of Prince Harry cavorting with friends on holiday in Las Vegas were genuine.”

Wow! ūüėõ

Playing Ukulele Nekkid

This man’s got talent!

Hope he tries to play ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ next time! lolz

‘Mr. Big’ Stopped at the Airport

LOS ANGELES, California – A man known for his enormous penis was stopped by security at San Francisco International airport and questioned about the bulge in his pants, he was reported as saying Thursday.

Jonah Falcon, 41, has an organ which is 9.5 inches long when flaccid and 13 inches (33 centimeters) erect, according to Rolling Stone magazine. He has featured in a number of documentaries about the world’s biggest penises.

He was returning to New York from San Francisco on July 9 when he was stopped, after Transportation Security Administration (TSA) agents saw a bulge hanging down over his left upper thigh.

“They wanted to know if I had something in my pockets, and when I said no, they asked if I had some sort of growth,” he said, according to the San Francisco Chronicle.

He told them it was his penis, and they checked around his crotch, although not too closely. He was delayed for five minutes. The incident was not his first. “I’ve gone through the (scanner) before, and I wasn’t worried.

“What was the worst that was going to happen? I was going to have to whip it out for them? I’m used to that. Sometimes when people ask me about it, if I’m feeling up to it, I’ll just show them.”

In a tweet at the time Falcon said: “TSA didn’t know what to make of the massive bulge on my thigh. Even after I went through that body scanner that shows you naked…”

A 2003 Rolling Stone story entitled “Mr. Big” reported that Falcon’s penis was eight inches long when he was only 10 years old. It quoted his mother as saying his organ size was genetic.

“He was born like that, and he was always big for his age. But it’s not his big penis, it’s society’s need to fixate on it. We’re in a world where men see their manhood in their penises.”

The TSA did not immediately respond to a request for comment. Nor did Falcon. source


Falcon’s memberImage was mistaken to be a ‘deadly’ weapon-I wonder how the airport security reacted..lolz. Falcon is the man! (photo from here)

Are You A Sex Addict?


In today’s hyper-active social setup sex addiction has become a prevailing malady.

The major problem with this condition is that not many people see this as a problem in the first place. While most people are oblivious to what sex addiction is, those that do acknowledge it have sought help for it.

While a healthy sex life is good for the body, excessive indulgence in the act or obsessing about it can have a negative impact on your personal life. To define what sex addiction is, in simple words: it is the presence of a strong urge to have sex as often as you can or get sexual gratification via pornography, masturbation, flirting or in severe cases even voyeurism. This urge manifests through certain behaviour that makes a person a sex addict. So in case you were wondering if you might be part of the gang, read on to see if the signs are visible in your life.

1. You’re always thinking about it.

Between the two sexes, it is said that men think about sex more than women. But how often is too much? There is no definitive guideline for this but if you have sex on mind when you should be focusing on other things like work or when you are spending time with family or friends then this might be the first indicator of sex addiction.

2. You constantly seek sexual material.

Sex has a strong representation across various media. Whether its newspapers, websites, magazines, music, movies and television. Sex addicts usually seek out sexual content wherever they can. For instance, they might pick up a woman’s magazine only to read through articles on sex, or find they are more excited when intimate or sexually explicit scenes appear in movies or music videos. If you can sit through a love making scene without getting aroused or you don’t find the need to seek out material that is sexual in nature then you are doing fine.

3. You don’t follow the sexual code of conduct.

Sex addicts are often prone to cheating out of sheer compulsion. This is planned, proactive and the person indulging in this has very little regard for the consequences. They are ready to risk their personal relationships just to satisfy that urge. Celebrities like Tiger Woods and David Duchovny have wrecked their marriages because of the constant cheating and affairs. You can have a strong sex drive but if it is making you seek out multiple partners then you are seriously risking losing a wife or a girlfriend, not to mention a lot of emotional trauma that is to follow.

4. You don’t think regular sex is good enough.

Nowadays you find the usual routine of lovemaking very boring. There is a need to experiment, try new things and look for new stimuli. A lot of couples do indulge in stuff like this to spice up their sex lives but if this need is compulsive and causing you to do outrageous things, then these are symptoms of sex addiction. For instance, role playing might be a good idea but if you are thinking of swinging then there is a problem.

5. You’re addicted to porn.

If you have a large stash of pornography that you turn to very often for relief or just pure indulgence then this is a sure sign of addiction. Yes porn was cool when you were a teenager but if you have past your teens and are still downloading the latest movies and clips, you need help.

The good news is that sexual addiction can be cured. With therapy and the support of your loved ones you can overcome it and lead a normal life. If you find that help is required, get it fast, before it’s too late. source


Are you one?

Boxers, Briefs and Infertility

Men who loves wearing skimpy undies, beware!

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This week the UK press has been buzzing over a new study that finds that for men with infertility issues, lifestyle changes such as cutting smoking and alcohol don’t make much of a difference. But avoiding tight-fitting underwear does. On Wednesday, the National Health Service issued a¬†report¬†that it hopes will clear the air, claiming the study’s findings were “overblown” for hype.

“Before dads-to-be ponder the boxers-vs-briefs debate over a beer, a cigarette and a burger, it should be noted that the research behind today’s attention-grabbing headlines does not suggest that unhealthy living is not detrimental to sperm quality,” reports NHS.

The study — carried out by researchers from the University of Manchester, the University of Sheffield and the University of Alberta in Canada — looked at a very select group of men with fertility problems, and the findings indicate “very little about the general population or the effects of these vices.” The reports adds: “Also, the study has not explored the reasons the men were experiencing fertility problems.”

In the findings, researchers found no association between sperm motility and smoking, alcohol, recreational drug use or being overweight, although wearing tight underwear was associated with reduced sperm motility.

The researchers recruited 2,249 men from 14 fertility clinics around the UK. The men had been trying for a baby with their partner for at least 12 months. They filled in detailed questionnaires about their background and lifestyle and provided semen samples, which were examined for healthy sperm, or sperm that swim at normal speeds.

Around 40 in 100 men had a low number of healthy sperm — but these men were no more likely to smoke, drink, use drugs, or be overweight than men with normal sperm count. However, they were more likely to work in manual labor and less likely to wear boxer shorts. The study appears in the journal¬†Human Reproduction.

Previous studies have suggested that wearing tighter underwear could slow sperm production by raising the temperature of the testicles. WebMD cites that other research points to the chemicals used in manufacturing, building, and other types of manual work as possibly playing a role in reducing men’s sperm count.


So who do you think is likely to suffer infertility? Men in boxers or in briefs?