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‘Mr. Big’ Stopped at the Airport

LOS ANGELES, California – A man known for his enormous penis was stopped by security at San Francisco International airport and questioned about the bulge in his pants, he was reported as saying Thursday.

Jonah Falcon, 41, has an organ which is 9.5 inches long when flaccid and 13 inches (33 centimeters) erect, according to Rolling Stone magazine. He has featured in a number of documentaries about the world’s biggest penises.

He was returning to New York from San Francisco on July 9 when he was stopped, after Transportation Security Administration (TSA) agents saw a bulge hanging down over his left upper thigh.

“They wanted to know if I had something in my pockets, and when I said no, they asked if I had some sort of growth,” he said, according to the San Francisco Chronicle.

He told them it was his penis, and they checked around his crotch, although not too closely. He was delayed for five minutes. The incident was not his first. “I’ve gone through the (scanner) before, and I wasn’t worried.

“What was the worst that was going to happen? I was going to have to whip it out for them? I’m used to that. Sometimes when people ask me about it, if I’m feeling up to it, I’ll just show them.”

In a tweet at the time Falcon said: “TSA didn’t know what to make of the massive bulge on my thigh. Even after I went through that body scanner that shows you naked…”

A 2003 Rolling Stone story entitled “Mr. Big” reported that Falcon’s penis was eight inches long when he was only 10 years old. It quoted his mother as saying his organ size was genetic.

“He was born like that, and he was always big for his age. But it’s not his big penis, it’s society’s need to fixate on it. We’re in a world where men see their manhood in their penises.”

The TSA did not immediately respond to a request for comment. Nor did Falcon. source


Falcon’s memberImage was mistaken to be a ‘deadly’ weapon-I wonder how the airport security reacted..lolz. Falcon is the man! (photo from here)

Who’s the ‘BIGGEST’ of ’em all?

There had been endless debates regarding the biggest schlong- Africans, Asians, Americans or Europeans? Now it can be revealed! Who really has the biggest penis in the world.

An  article in, featured a map on average penis size by country.

Click the map to get a full-size version of the world, colored according to the average penis size of every country.

The Top 5, well-endowed nations:

1. Congo (or is it Sudan?)- 7.1 in

2. Ecuador- 6.9 in

3. Ghana- 6.7 in

4. Colombia- 6.7 in

5. Venezuela- 6.7 in

Also, according to the site:

The United States ranks somewhere in the lower-middle of the world penis-size rankings. The average American man has a penis length of 5.1 inches. South Korea is the most poorly endowed nation, coming in at 3.9 inches. Cambodia, Thailand, India, and Burma round out the bottom five.


Im really not sure how they arrived at these. Probably they’ve collected some samples-asked men to strip,then measured them..I’m really not sure..

Yes, the Sudan and Congo men must be proud! Pity for us Pinoys because we averaged at 4 point something..Hmmm..Im sure some men here will contest on this. =) But at least, we are not at the bottom five! Yehey!

Well, I really dont know what’s with the genes of Blacks. Most of them have really pretty huge them ‘gifted’

How about you, how do you measure? =)