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Steamy Statistics

Read at Does this holds true for us Pinoys? 🙂

1. How often do men and women have sex? On average, men have sex 104 times a year and women have it 101. One in five adults has sex three or four times a week and five percent of people have sex once a day.

2. Who is the horniest? The Greeks appear to have the most sex at 138 sessions per year! The Japanese have it least at just 45 times a year but this is blamed on long working hours, high stress and small living spaces.

3. Who is sex obsessed? 54% of men think about sex every day compared to 19% of women.

4. When do we lose our virginity? The average age is 16 for men and 17 for women…that’s half way through GCSE’s in case you’re interested!

5. Gay, straight or bi? 90% of men consider themselves to be straight although 20% of gay men were once in a heterosexual relationship. 90% of women also consider themselves to be straight with 1.3% gay, 2.8% bi and 3.8 ‘something else’. Hmmmm

6. When do we hear wedding bells? We tend to marry for the first time in our late 20s or very early 30s. 13% of married couples have only had sex a few times in the past year (maybe marriage isn’t such a good idea after all!).

7. How many partners? 10 for men and six for women globally, but some studies suggest it’s as low as four for women.

8. How often do we have DIY orgasms? 12 times a month for men and five times a month for women…but only 44% of women have masturbatedin their lifetimes. Or only 44% were honest on the questionnaire!

9. Common locations? 50% of us have had sex in the car, 31% have had a fumble in the park and 36% have had sex in a parent’s bed. Now that’s just weird…

10. Are we happy? Just 44% of people are happy with their sex lives. 41% of men wish they could have sex more frequently compared to just 29% of women.