Goodbye Friendster!

It’s a Facebook world! And Friendster is changing its face after May 31.

Say good-bye to Friendster as you know it. The first social network site is shutting down its social networking services after 9 years.

Last week, Friendster sent an e-mail to its users advising them to export their profiles, photos, and blogs by May 31 or these will all be history. All these will be erased to give way to the new Friendster which will be launched in a couple of weeks.

Friendster will retain its name but will discontinue its social network services. It will be re-launched as a social entertainment site where users will be able to play games and listen to music.

info from here


Friendster leaving us goodbye once again proved that this world has become ever evolving. It has been one of our former ‘addiction’ and now another social networking site has over empowered it.

I remember the first time I made an account in FS, I was a lil late and everyone’s been hooked already- during that time, I was less net savvy. Friendster has opened door to rekindling old friendships- at one point our elementary class reunion was successfully organized due to this site. Everyone’s there and finding old names wouldn’t be that hard if you search them there.

The many comments, the testimonials, the greetings on our special occasions-all that will be missed.

The old photos shared and the online journals posted- these will always be remembered.

Friendster has been a FRIEND. Thanks and goodbye for now.

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