Who’s the ‘BIGGEST’ of ’em all?

There had been endless debates regarding the biggest schlong- Africans, Asians, Americans or Europeans? Now it can be revealed! Who really has the biggest penis in the world.

An  article in goodmenproject.com, featured a map on average penis size by country.

Click the map to get a full-size version of the world, colored according to the average penis size of every country.

The Top 5, well-endowed nations:

1. Congo (or is it Sudan?)- 7.1 in

2. Ecuador- 6.9 in

3. Ghana- 6.7 in

4. Colombia- 6.7 in

5. Venezuela- 6.7 in

Also, according to the site:

The United States ranks somewhere in the lower-middle of the world penis-size rankings. The average American man has a penis length of 5.1 inches. South Korea is the most poorly endowed nation, coming in at 3.9 inches. Cambodia, Thailand, India, and Burma round out the bottom five.


Im really not sure how they arrived at these. Probably they’ve collected some samples-asked men to strip,then measured them..I’m really not sure..

Yes, the Sudan and Congo men must be proud! Pity for us Pinoys because we averaged at 4 point something..Hmmm..Im sure some men here will contest on this. =) But at least, we are not at the bottom five! Yehey!

Well, I really dont know what’s with the genes of Blacks. Most of them have really pretty huge wang..call them ‘gifted’

How about you, how do you measure? =)

    • Harry
    • March 24th, 2011

    d ko ata keri Lan! hahaha!

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