Super Moon Equals Super Havoc?

The so called “Supermoon of March 2011” when the moon is at its closest point to the Earth in its orbit at the same time it is full, is drawing nigh.

The moon is at an average of 238,000 miles from the Earth. During the Supermoon, it will be 221,567 miles from the Earth.

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However, along with the Supermoon of March 2011 have come all sorts of dire predictions of the havoc it will allegedly cause. For instance, there is a theory that the gravity of the Supermoon will cause all sorts of seismic events on Earth. Some have even pointed to the 8.9 magnitude earthquake and subsequent tsunami that has devastated northeastern Japan as evidence.

While the gravitational pull of the moon does have a slight effect on tectonic plates due to tidal forces, there is zero evidence it causes earthquakes. Indeed, according to Natalie Wolchover, writing for “Life’s Little Mysteries,” the theory doesn’t even make sense in relation to the Japan event. The Japan earthquake occurred Friday, a week after the new moon and a week before the Supermoon, when tidal forces caused by the moon’s gravitational pull are at their weakest.

In any case, seismic events do not follow a lunar cycle. The stresses that cause earthquakes and volcanic eruptions build up over decades or even centuries before causing catastrophe, death and mayhem. The movement of tectonic plates, causing pressure to build up over time, and not anything celestial causes these things.

The theory that the Supermoon was going to cause seismic havoc on Earth was first advanced by an astrologer named Richard Nolle. Nolle predicted the Supermoon would cause earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and storms. Astrology is not, however, science. It was amusing to think in the Middle Ages that the alignment of the stars, the planets and the moon somehow influenced events on Earth down to the minute course of peoples’ lives. Most people know better in the 21st century.

Previously the Super moon’s have happened in the years like 1955, 1974, 1992, 2005.

In all these times here has been lot of disasters in nature such as heavy winds, tides, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, floods etc.

But of course, we all know this isn’t connected to the Super Moon phenomenon.What do you think?

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