Nature’s Wrath

Last Friday, Japan was hit a magnitude 8.9 earthquake..and immediately a tsunami followed.

I was watching over live news streaming and the scenes were horrifying. Big waves came a-smashing;house, cars and people being washed away. It felt apocalyptic.

I uttered prayer in silence. Hoping everything will stop. Dear Lord, please help our people!

It was a very horrifying scene. I could have collapsed had I been personally there witnessing the wrath of mother nature .And so we thought things like these can only happen in movies. I can still clearly remember a similar scene in the movie The Day After Tomorrow. This was ONDOY x 100!

photo from here

As of posting time,over 10,000 are feared dead! More than 400,00 are homeless, some 20,000 buildings are fully or partially damaged.

photo from here

It saddens me really. A part of me is scared. But I know God is on our side.

Let’s continue to pray for Japan. Let’s continue to pray for everyone’s safety.

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