Glee’s Darren Criss is visiting Manila

All Darren Criss fans, brace yourselves for he is visiting Manila this month!!!!

Read at Manila Bulletin..

Darren Criss, the half-Filipino, half-Irish lad who’s making waves with his stint on “Glee,” is set to visit the country this December.

According to reports, the YouTube-turned-“Glee” sensation will deliver his pre-Christmas present to his Filipino fans through mall shows to be held on Dec. 21 (Greenbelt) and 22 (Trinoma).

Although he is yet to set foot in the country, Darren has already expressed his Filipino pride via his Twitter account. In a reply to one of his followers, he said, “I’m half pinoy through and through.”

Darren has recently joined “Glee” as a regular cast member, playing Kurt’s (Chris Colfer) mentor and potential love interest, the openly gay Dalton Academy student, Blaine.

He may be portraying a gay role on the phenomenal US TV series, but in real life, Darren admitted having a crush on a member of the opposite sex—and, yes, a member of the show as well.

“Everybody has a cool crush on Heather Morris,” said the 23-year old crooner in an interview with MTV. Heather plays Brittany S. Pears, the blonde Cheerio-slash-New Directions member.

“Everyone just wants to hang out with her and be her, basically – and by that I mean me,” he added.

Prior to being signed as cast regular, Darren’s first appearance on the second season of “Glee” merited him the top spot on international celebrity website Entertainment Weekly’s “Best Guest Stars on ‘Glee’.” EW also cited his well-loved cover of Katy Perry’s “Teenage Dream,” which debuted on number one on iTunes.

Aside from Darren, Filipino pride glows on “Glee” with the inclusion of international singer Charice. As a recurring cast member, she plays the Filipino foreign exchange student named Sunshine Corazon, the biggest threat to domineering diva Rachel Berry (Lea Michele).


It’s a date! Mark your calendar–Dec.21 and 22!

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