Typhoon Megi’s Wrath

Yesterday, Super Typhoon Megi ( Juan ) slammed Northern Luzon (Philippines).

On Sunday, highest sustained winds about this extremely dangerous storm reached nearly 190 mph, according to the Joint Typhoon Warning Center (JTWC).

Super Typhoon Megi is the world’s strongest typhoon for 2010.

Not only was Megi a “super” typhoon, it also held highest winds well above the minimum threshold (156 mph) for a Category 5 hurricane.

Central pressure about the small, well-marked eye was a low 893 mb, or 26.37 inches of mercury. This compares to the world-wide average sea-level pressure of 1013.5 mb, or 29.93 inches.

Megi made landfall on the northern end of Luzon Monday morning local time, as a super typhoon with 140-mph winds; this is equivalent to a strong Category 4 hurricane. Luzon is the biggest and most populous island of the Philippines, and there is the potential for great loss of life and property as this storm continues its rampage across the island.

info and photo from accuweather.com

This is so massive it poured rain to the whole of Luzon!

Typhoon Juan’s wrath..

photos from Yahoo.com

As of posting time, abs-cbnnews.com reported that 7 have been found killed due to this typhoon..

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