Lolo Kiko turns 100 on 10.10.10

October 10, 2010 is a particularly special day for Francisco Manguera. Born in Boac, Marinduque on October 10, 1910, “Lolo Kiko” is turning 100 this Sunday.

He has seven children, more than 20 grandchildren, more than 50 great grandchildren, and just this year, two great-great grandchildren.

“Malakas na malakas pa siya. Makikita mo siya, nakahawak sa bakod, stretching ng kanyang braso,” said Romeo Magcamit, Lolo Kiko’s son-in-law, who lives next door in Boac town.

“Nakakapagtaka nga. Minsan tinatanong namin baka siya’y may anting-anting,” Magcamit said in a telephone interview with GMANews.TV.

Answering our queries through his son-in-law, Lolo Kiko shrugs off the speculation, saying his only secret to a long and healthy life is simply “wastong pagkain.”

He’s a bit hard of hearing and has had cataract surgery, but otherwise he’s in tiptop shape and still exercises daily.

“Huwag magbibisyo. Nasisira ang kinabukasan dahil sa bisyo,” advises Lolo Kiko.

He admits that he used to smoke cigarettes and indulge in the occasional bottle or two of beer, but now, Lolo Kiko’s only vice is coffee. He sips a cup every morning with two pieces of pan de sal at the store across his house owned by one of his children. When he returns home, he sits down to a breakfast of rice and fish. He rarely eats meat, and when he does, he removes the fat.

Since retiring from his job at the Department of Public Works and Highways in 1973, Lolo Kiko has been spending his days quietly, staying home most of the time. He likes to sit in his tumba-tumba, playing solitaire. He doesn’t watch television, and no longer reads the papers. But he still washes his own clothes.

Despite his old age, Lolo Kiko needs little attention. Since his wife Felicia passed away in 1995, Lolo Kiko has lived in his house by the road with one helper.

“Laging nakangiti, at tuwing may magmamano sa kanya na mga apo niya, magbibigay siya ng kaunting pera,” said Magcamit of Lolo Kiko,

Lolo Kiko is fastidious when it comes to cleanliness. “Malinis na malinis siya sa katawan, at laging nakabihis,” said Magcamit. Even when he isn’t going out, Lolo Kiko is always dressed presentably. The farthest he usually goes is across the street to the store, where he likes to tell stories, especially when the topic is politics. The former teniente del barrio is still interested in politics. In fact, he went out to cast his vote in last May’s elections.

His simple birthday wish is to stay happy and strong.

The Boac Association of Senior Citizens will hold a parangal for Lolo Kiko at the Boac covered court this Saturday.


Wow..Isang daan taon! Kung anu-anong pangyayari na dinaanan ni Lolo Kiko! Panalo!


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