What the color of your car says about you

In almost all of our purchases, we always consider color. Whether we buy clothes, shoes, and accessories, we always try picturing ourselves wearing that color and see if it suits us. Even when we buy gifts for other people, we try to pick the best gift, including its color, depending on the other person’s preferences.

The same thing goes when buying a car. Aside from comparing car brands, models, sizes, and horsepower, we also consider the car’s color. As much as we don’t want to admit it, the person behind the wheel is not only judged or admired based on what type of car he’s driving but also based on which part of the color wheel the car belongs to.

Being a color specialist and “America’s color guru”, Color Answer Book author Leatrice Eiseman says that vehicles are revealing about their owners’ personalities. Aside from revealing your personality, the color of your car says a lot about your moods and even how satisfied you are of your life.

While the general meaning of colors says that black equals evil, falsehood, error, grief, despair and death, Eiseman says that having a black car means you’re empowered and not easily manipulated. You also love elegance and appreciate classics.

If you have a silver car, it means you’re cool and you love futuristic looks. Having a white car means you’re fastidious. Generally, the color signifies purity, truth, innocence and hope.

There is a reason why a red car attracts too much attention. Aside from being easy to spot especially in a crowded place, red is associated with being sexy, speedy, energetic and dynamic. No wonder red Ferraris are very popular.

Having a light blue car, means you’re calm, faithful and quiet. Much like the sky, you can’t expect a storm when it’s blue. A dark blue car, on the other hand, means you’re credible, confident and dependable.

Brown means you’re wholesome yet a no-nonsense type of person. You love basic and simple tastes. Neutral gray means you’re sober, corporate, conservative, practical and pragmatic. Generally, the color gray signifies formality.

Bright colored cars like yellow, green and orange usually represent joyful and warm owners. A bright yellow-green car means you’re trendy, whimsical and lively. You’re youthful and you enjoy abundance.

A yellow gold car means you’re intelligent and warm. You love comfort and you’re willing to pay for it. Having a sunshine yellow car easily means that you have a sunny disposition, joyful and young at heart while an orange car could mean that the owner is fun loving, talkative, fickle, trendy and spontaneous.

While cars and colors say much about their owners, the car doesn’t make the person. You’re car is just a representation of who you are. You may be driving a shiny red and black car, but inside it, you’re simply just you.


So, what’s the color of your car?

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