En Route to Bangkok

(I had little access on the net so it’s only now that I’ll be able to share my Bangkok trip last week)

July 13, Lizzie, my good buddy, and I are en route to Bangkok. I have long awaited for that time.

It was stormy that day. Tropical Storm Basyang entered the country already. I was really praying that our flight wont be cancelled.

We left at 5pm- our flight is at 9.40pm. We got stranded at the traffic due to heavy rains. A relative called and asked if our flight will still push thru since most scheduled flights that day was cancelled already. As of that time, Cebu Pacific Air has not advised me so we thought there had been no changes with the sked.

We boarded the plane by 9.10pm–yes! We are flying to Bangkok, finally!

It was masikip inside the plane..

Passing along will be a struggle if you happen to seat near the window.. as you can see, only a contortionist can pass thru this ‘masikip’ na daanan–if you can call that daanan..

By 12.40am, we are at Bangkok already. And how I love the airport.It was so big!!

Suvarnabhumi Airport has 4 storeys I guess..Mapapagod ang paa mo kung lalakarin mo ang length nito!

My good friend Cang, who works in Bangkok, met us at the airport! Yey! Finally we are reunited!

It took us at least more than an hour before we reach Bangpakok–where we stayed.

First night in BKK–unpacking of things and chikahan to the max!

Haggard na..kaylangan ng matulog..Tomorrow is the start of Conquer Bangkok!

  1. wats up man hows it going

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