Manila Circa 1960’s

Have you ever wondered how Manila looked like in the past? The University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee gives us a glimpse of Manila in the 60’s through photos taken by photo-journalist Harrison Forman.

The pictures are amazing. One look and you know it’s Manila, but at the same time, you’d have doubts whether it really IS Manila. As Carlos Celdran said, “It totally completes the illusion that this is a scene somewhere in the United States of America instead of the Philippine archipelago. Only thing lacking in this photograph are real Americans.”

(Click photos to enlarge)

Ayala, Makati
Binondo District from Pasig River
Busy Calle Escolta
Calle Escolta Shopping Centers
Horse-drawn carriages at Quiapo
Inside Fort Santiago
Manila Cathedral
Manila waterfront at Pasig River
Panoramic View of City of Manila
Pasig River scene
Plaza Moraga at the foot of Jones Bridge
Rizal Avenue
Rizal Monument
Roxas Boulevard
School trip at Fort Santiago
Spacious Agrifina Circle
Sta. Cruz Church Plaza
War-damaged Intramuros
Manila was so regal and grand that time..Less traffic, the streets were clean..and yes, I wished I was able to see all these..
photos courtesy of (Facebook page) Old Philippines
    • noel que
    • November 24th, 2010

    as far as i know this is the only site that shows manila in the 60’s. can you also help me, i am trying to create a timeline regarding our deaf history. on june 1, 1969 there is a deaf cafe in luneta or rizal park. i am trying to look for every possible site in the internet for a picture of the said cafe, but to no avail. please just in case that you had one or know somebody email me, it is of great help for our filipino deaf to know their history also

    • Hi Noel, i got the pics from OLD PHILIPPINES, a fan page at facebook. You may want to like it in facebook and seek the help from its admin.
      And yes, I heard of the deaf cafe in Luneta when I was a kid. Should I encounter any info, Id be very glad to forward them to you.
      Goodluck to all your endeavors.

  1. Thank You … Maraming Salamat for the lookback. It’s bitter-sweet dahil andun na talaga tayo noon. Ganda ng bansa natin and I felt that security as a child then.

    Ngayon ewan. Nawalan tayo yata ng identity … lahat gustong umalis.
    It’s a dead topic to mention the word “corruption” anymore (no one seems to care seriously … no one) … I just miss my Country … I miss the “The Republic Of The Philippines”.

    “the colour of melody”

    • Julian,

      I agree. I wish we can turn back time and traverse the the once beautiful and regal Manila..

  2. Yes nobody cares -I don’t know if Historical Commission is doing their JOB…sayang – National Library can help a lot -if ever the Commission wishes to retrace Manilas Beauty

    • bryan
    • July 26th, 2013

    mahirap pag minsang hinangaan ka at nalampasan…. masakit isipin at tignan na napagiwanan n tayo ng mga bansang tayo ang iniidolo sa kagandahan way back….. let us find ways through our children the young men and women of our country and press the challenge to them for a better Philippines.. God bless

  1. June 27th, 2010

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