Public ‘wee-wee’ Solution

Males have the tendency to urinate anywhere in public when the call of nature arrives- be it againts the wall, behind a truck or your car’s wheel. Kesa nga naman abutan ka ng pagsabog ng pantog!

Looking for a decent comfort room maybe hard for events like a concert held in an open space.PORTALETS may be of help,sure, but your bladder may have exploded already long before you reach the door due to the long queue.

Sam van Veluw has came up with a solution to this dilemma.His concept was to strap a waterless urinal onto a tree!

Ladies and gentlemen, the solution to those ‘wee-wee’ problems–the P-Tree! Ta-daaaa!!!

Obviously, these are made for men. ” The inventor suggests that it can be hooked up in a central sewer system, but an onsite infiltration system would be a great way to safely dispose of the liquid and nourish the tree at the same time!”


Im not so sure if this can be applicable in Pinas. For one, we may not have the trees. ‘toinks’  Second, this may be a PDP- public display of penis..lolz (imagine those ‘harapan’ urinals).Well at least, there’d be a ‘pangsahod’ to those juices rather then spill it anywhere.=)) Im looking at it’s sanitary purpose..

Pwede siguro yan sa lugar na di masyadong ma-tao pero walang decent comfort room,say along NLEX and SLEX- in a long drive, it’s always hard to find a place where you can urinate. And the bigger challenge would be a similar concept for the ladies..Well whatyathink?


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