Inagaw Sa Akin si Marjorie (?)- Dennis Padilla

It is one dirty politics in our country- can’t deny that. One candidate will throw accusations to their competition. Some may be truthful- some may just be black propaganda.

In Kalookan, I received this flyer given by the people of Luis Asistio- running in the Mayoralty race. What shocked me is an attachment of Dennis Padilla’s letter- an appeal not to vote incumbent Mayor Echiverri. ( Dennis Padilla isn’t running for any position this time- or is he?)

According to his letter-and I will quote- ” ang dahilan kung bakit kami nagkahiwalay ng aking asawa na si Marjorie Barreto, dahil inagaw nya (Mayor Echiverri) ito sa akin”.

Dennis Padilla has always been mummed on the issue of his break-up with Marjorie. Hmmm.. Nagulat ako dito, promise!

Here’s the whole letter: (click to enlarge)

I’m actually considering to re-elect our incumbent Mayor. And for the record, I did not post this to create a negative impression on him or to anyone. Im just another voter who, like many, is considering the credentials of those running for public office.

Im not saying the accusations are true. It is for us to decide.

Dear Lord, grant us the wisdom to elect the rightful persons in the government. Let’s continue to pray for a clean and honest election.

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