The Gaydar–How To Tell If He’s Gay

Ruler na lang daw ang straight ngayon–they say.

Sometimes, it’s really hard to tell whether that ‘man’ on the street is actually straight. You’ll never know if your friend, BF or even your relative might be a member of the ‘federacion’ (70’s much?)..

Take these guidelines for consideration.

He’s probably gay if he spends much time in the bathroom or the salon. May mga iba diyan na sandamakmak ang mga ritwal sa banyo. Others spend much time grooming their hair.At maloka ka if he has a ‘kikay kit’ complete from hair wax, to hairbrush to umm..nail polish!

A gay loves the hits of Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, Madonna and yes..Beyonce. Try ringing  his phone..If his ringtone is Regine Velasquez’ I Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing– it’s a sure hit! Bading yan!

A certified gay is a big beauty pageant fan! Ask him when Sushmita Sen got her crown- and if he says ‘1994’ na!

He’s straight if he doesn’t have qualms in the use of public urinals. A straight male doesn’t really care if he pee using the urinal.Ipapagpag nya pa yan.. Pero ang mga baklut, nagdadalawang isip pa sa paggamit ng urinal. He’d rather prefer a toilet bowl–doors locked.

Malikot ang mga mata ng mga bading. Always on the look out for cute guys..And notice that second look on his face when he spots one. See the spark.See the glow..

May high fashion sense ang mga bading. If your boyfriend chooses a dress for you and compliments with-‘Winner! Bongga ang outfit sa’yo!’ or says “that Hermes bag is soo fab!’..maybe you can consider him a BFF instead!

If his influences includes the likes of any Sex and the City characters or Oprah-maloka ka na!

If he is already at the right age and has not entered a relationship with a girl because of a gazillion reasons..c’mon!then maybe he was thinking of entering into a homosexual relationship!

Kung hindi naman Foundation Day ng city nila or ng school nila, pero singkapal ng espasol ang pulbos o foundation ng mukha nya..Sister yan! Tumambling ka na pag naka-lip gloss pa sya!

If there are sexy and cute male strangers on his FS or FB account..hmmm..pag-isipan mo ulit..If you haven’t met them or really unfamiliar with them-maybe they are constanly sharing moments online! Dedma ang mga straight guys sa mga taong di nila kilala..

Ask your suspected gay friend to say ‘Kamuning’.. Kung may twang sa ‘ning’ check na check yan!

And lastly, if you really wanna be sure if he is gay-ask your certified- gay friends to ‘smell’ him..because a gay’s instinct is always accurate.. Call it ‘lukso ng dugo’ . Maamoy nila ang ‘matris’ nun..hahaha!

So there! Well, these may not be absolute. Sometimes it’s really hard to spot the straights from gays- as there are different kinds of gays on the entire earth! If you notice most of the signs here on a suspected gay–then most likely, he is one. =)

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