MKK Larawan – La Greta

It was another superb episode of Maalala Mo Kaya tonight. I was thinking of going out with my friends, but thanks to my lazy bones, I was able to watch tonight’s MKK episode.

Controversial actress Gretchen Barreto topbilled the episode. I was surprised that she actually delivered it very well. She has shown her acting prowess as she portrayed the role of a struggling daughter to her parents, a wife to a soldier who eventually died and remarried to a priest. Yes, a priest (played by the not-so-hunky-now Jomari Yllana).

A question of morality sizzled. But La Greta, who was overly in love, followed her heart. She was able to manage, moved on and thought marrying the priest became another saving grace. Until she became too busy with her career and lost time with her family.And one day she learned that her daughter was already being molested by her husband.

How will she handle another trial in her life? This was beautifully answered in Larawan- tonight’s MKK episode.

I totally loved the plot! This was another story of stuggle and inspiration; of stumbling and falling but being able to stand up once again; of hurting and forgiving; of emerging victorious because one chose victory more than losing.

To La Greta and to the cast- orchids to all of you! I’m sure this is another top rater.

Missed the episode? Watch it here.

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  1. Wow, that’s one awesome plot. I understand the priest falling in love, but the priest molesting a kid? That’s not awesome. 🙂

    • Yes.. the episode was so intriguing..and so timely ( the Church being in this issue again).
      and yes, the molestation added a roller-coaster twist..but I love the courage of the mother (played by Greta) and how they were able to pull things through..
      MKK rocks!

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