Amazing Living Root Bridge

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This bridge is a living is alive!

Situated at Laitkynsew village, the Umnnoi living root bridge is a 53 ft long bridge. Locally known as ‘Jingkieng Deingjri’ which means ‘bridge of the rubber tree,’ this bridge is remarkable in that it is more than a 100 years old.

Root bridges are made by an ingenious technique. The tiny, hair-thin, hanging roots of a particular Banyan tree are intertwined with boughs and twigs and allowed to grow naturally. After a few years the intertwined roots and branches would become strong enough for people to use it as the bridge across the stream. The chief advantage of a root bridge is that it does not get washed away by the strong currents of the rains, but remains permanent and in fact grows stronger year by year.

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The roots used in one of these bridges are about 18 inches broad and about 6 inches thick.  These bridges are being used daily even today by people living in these villages around Cherrapunjee.  These bridges take 10 to 15 years to become fully functional.  They keep growing in strength by the day.  Perhaps their life span is 500 to 600 years after they are well formed.  These bioengineering wonders are eloquent testimonies of man living in harmony with nature.

photo and info from here


This spells AMAZING! Definitely one of Mother Nature’s wonder.. Crossing this fantastic living bridge will indeed be an experience. Would love to check the place one day.. Anyone from here? Pls bring me there.=))

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