Bataan (Abucay)

I used to frequent the beach of Morong, Bataan the past years. I love the place. .clear,cool waters..

Two weeks ago, I had the chance to visit another place in Bataan. My youth org, MUKHA AD had its Youth Camp this year at Abucay. We camped at Letran Abucay.

At first I couldn’t believe that the area was a school institution. We were greeted by a really beautiful gate and you’ll pass a long aisle before reaching the main building..It spells SOSYAL! Taob ang Xing Hua Academy..lolz

(Haven’t taken a pic of the school’s facade,but here’s what I got in the net)

photo from here

Inside the big area is a dormitory that can house 80 students (40males and 40 females). Fr. Jigs told us the girls aren’t allowed to cross over the boys’ and vice versa.

Here’s my shot of the dorm.

The whole area boasts of many spectacular views. Inside the main building, it really felt as if you are not inside a school. The facilities and the structure was great!

I even chanced upon this beautiful sunrise- very seldom do I catch this in Manila.

Some 10-15 minute ride from the campus is the Sibul Springs!

The Olympic size pool is crystal clear and ver much unchlorinated. We love!

The cool water came from here..Ito yung tinatawag nilang Bukal ng Sibul.

And since it’s a spring,yes, you can drink the water!

A climb to this stairs would lead you to a statue of Buddha (daw). Apparently it was so hot that time, I felt lazy climbing up.

We also visited Sto. Domingo Church, the oldest church in Bataan.

The church altar..

And since we are already in Bataan, we also headed to Mt. Samat Shrine in Pilar.

At the top, the view was magnificent!

An elevator ride inside the cross ( with P10 entrance fee) will take you up to view the greenery of Bataan plus the most refreshing air blowing on your face as a bonus.

The view from atop

Visit and experience Abucay, Bataan!

Click here to view more of my Abucay and Mt. Samat visit.

  1. thanks sa pagrereview mo ng municipality namin. Happy you’ve enjoyed here.

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