Teacher calls student a LOSER

A teacher named Rex Roland is under a huge controversy after writing ‘loser’ on her student’s assignment. The student’s mother, Patty Clement, is obviously disgusted and wants the teacher to have the teacher suspended. The teacher said it was his way of joking..YEAH RIGHT!

This isn’t the first time this has happened, the mother said. Last November, the teacher wrote ‘ minus 20% for being a loser’ in red ink.. And even underlined the word ‘loser’ twice..Bad right?

“This is telling her that you’re a loser, you’re not going to go anywhere,” Clement said.

Click here for the video report of the story.

Bad cheetah huh! I feel bad for the student, just imagine what becomes of her morale now..Talk about losing self confidence. For the teacher, telling your student a loser is no joke. I was once a preschool teacher for four years and though there really are students who may struggle a little in the classroom, this shouldn’t be reason to call them names.

Somehow I believe something is really wrong with the many educational institutions. While we all know the school is our 2nd home, there are also monster teachers..and monster school systems. Take the sections for one. There’s section one up to..say 15..Imagine if you’re in section 15 and at the fourth row( for some schools, student’s who aren’t that good are seated at the last row of the room) – just how bad can you get? 15th section, 4th row?! You maybe the least intelligent in the batch.. But should it be this way?!

I think it’s high time we promulgate the MULTIPLE INTELLIGENCES system in our schools. This way, students aren’t ranked with how they perform inside the room, but discovering and cultivating where they are best at. =)

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