Females most sensitive body parts

Here are the most sensitive zones of women:


  1. The external female genitalia—the clitoris, the inner and outer labia, the mons pubis (the pubic hair below the stomach), the vaginal opening and the perineum (the spot between the vagina and the anus)—is sensitive by design to enjoy sexual contact.


  2. The breasts — particularly the nipple and the areola — are sensitive for several reasons. Besides being a female erogenous zone, they are affected by hormone fluctuations and that fact that your skin can become thinner or more sensitive as you age.


  3. Another sensitive spot are the ears. This is due to the skin being thinner there, which means the nerves lie nearer to the surface.


  4. Because there are a lot of nerves that are found in both the feet and the toes, these spots are very ticklish for some women; fondling or sucking on toes is a well-known form of foreplay.


  5. Brushing the top or underside of her arms can feel ticklish because they contain fibers that produce relaxation and can release hormones that make her feel good.


  6. According to LivingOneIndia.in, the lower stomach can be sensitive to the touch because the sensations affect the G spot, a spongy pad the encloses the urethra.


I remember, my Philo prof once told us in class: For the boys, pag nahawakan nyo na ang kamay ng girlfriends nyo,bubuka na ang lips,mahahalikan na..Pag bumuka ang lips, susunod na ang breasts,mahahawakan na..Pag nabuka na ang bahaging dibdib,bubuka na ang perper..Basing on the piece above, she might be correct..Those parts are really sensitive..Agree?

Imagine if the kilikili is also sensitive..lolz


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