Use ORGANIC soaps

Two years ago, my good bud Dulce introduced me to organic soaps. She was browsing the net on effective whitening soap and chanced upon CYLEINA Products.

We tried BLACKPEARL. Blackpearl actually whitens dark spots, lightens pimple scars,effective in lightening dark underarms and inner thighs cause by imbalanced hormones, chemical burns from deodorants and is anti-wrinkle (see result as early as first use).

I was able to try it only twice then. These soaps aren’t sold commercially.You can only get it thru resellers and distributors with a minimum order. Hence, it became hard for me to maintain it.

On my Coron trip last year,  I learned that one of my company there is selling CYLEINA products. That time she had extra TOMATO soap. I tried and liked it. Since then, I’m using only tomato soap ( and grapeseed) for my skin. TOMATO soap  is rich in AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acid). Counter the aging effects in your skin. Deeply cleanses and tightens pores. Get rids of Pimples and Acne. And gives your cheek a rosy hue. (Well, I’m not ‘maputi’ so the rosy cheeks isn’t that prominent..hehehe)

I noticed the difference after the 1st week. My face has been less oily. My skin smoother. I rarely use lotion now.. Only thrice a week to keep it moisturized. Even my friends noticed the difference on my skin..Now, this sounds like a commercial..hehehe..but so TRUE!

For my daily bath, I use Tomato for 1st wash then GRAPESEED (  contains free radicals that damage the skin and it helps the skin retain the normal structure of the cell) for the 2nd wash. For my face I use TOMATO soap.

CYLEINA soaps are the best! Ive tried several products but CYLEINA worked best for me. I introduced the products to my friends and officemates and were one with the feeling. These soaps truly does wonders!

Why Choose Cyleina?
Cyleina Organic is a great choice for a more natural approach to your skin care regimen, Cyleina soaps are lovingly handmade using earth’s finest skin-loving natural ingredients. Cyleina guarantee that the quality is best for your skin. This explains why your skin just feels amazing after each use. Cyleina assures you that you always feel that way because CYLEINA IS SKIN CONFIDENCE!

Cyleina Organic handmade Soaps are not tested on animals.
NO parabens, petroleum derived ingredients,animal fats.

Choose the soap for your skin needs:

– Chocolate Milk || Grapeseed || Kojic || Tomato ||

– Black Pearl || Kojic || Shea Butter || Strawberry ||

Butlig, White/Blackheads
– Black Pearl || Strawberry

Cleanser/Tighten Pores:
– Black Pearl || Kojic || Strawberry ||Tomato

Dull Looking Skin/Glow:
– Strawberry || Tomato

– Black Pearl || Chocolate Milk || Grapeseed || Kojic || Shea Butter || Strawberry

– Strawberry

Exfoliation with Peeling effect:
– Black Pearl || Kojic ||

Maintenance only:
– Black Pearl || Chocolate Milk || Grapeseed || Shea Butter || Strawberry

Normal but uneven skin tone:
– Black Pearl || Strawberry || Tomato

Oily Skin:
– Kojic ||Tomato

Pimples/Acne-Prone and Oily Face:
– Black Pearl || Kojic || Tomato

Sensitive Skin:
– Black Pearl || Chocolate Milk || Grapeseed || Shea Butter

– Strawberry ||

– Black Pearl || Kojic || Shea Butter

Sunburned Skin:
– Kojic || Strawberry

– Black Pearl ||Grapeseed || Kojic || Strawberry || Tomato ||

– |Black Pearl || Kojic || Shea Butter || Strawberry

Best of all, you get amazing results for a very affordable price! Each variant only cost P65!

Should you be interested to try the product, you may order at these numbers:

(globe) 09177356984

(sun) 09228211679

Or check these sites: Facebook: Avid Cyleina or

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