Do you believe in soulmates? Have you met?

I believe I’ve met my soulmate last 1999..Details in my posts soon.

Here are the FAQ’s on soulmates:

 Why do we seldom marry our soulmates?

Because of karma. You may be working out your karma with your present partner, and your soulmate, in turn, may still be working out his or her karma with another. Therefore, it is not yet time for you to be together as husband and wife in the present lifetime.

However, when you both have worked out your karma with your other partners, you will definitely be together, and from then on, you will always be together each lifetime, until you both reach perfection and union with God.

What about priests and nuns who are single and celibate or those who remain single until death? Do they also have a soulmate?

Yes, in some future lifetimes. Remember that a soulmate relationship grows out of a series of lifetimes on the earth plane. In a particular lifetime, a person may choose to be alone, to live a single or celibate life. That’s only one lifetime. We are talking here of a series of many lives lived on earth. So in the next lifetime, a celibate priest or nun may choose a life with a partner of the opposite sex.

Remember that in order to perfect ourselves, we have to experience life in all its varied manifestations. So in one lifetime, we may choose to be a woman, in another a man, or perhaps even in between, in order to better work out our karma or learn our lessons in life.

Can one’s soulmate be of the same sex?

Yes, if it is not yet time for you to be together as perfect partners. I call this “soulmates-in-the-making.”

But once you have worked out your karma with others and your partner has done the same, so that you are now ready to be together, I suspect your soulmate would be of the opposite sex so you can complete each other. And one would need such a partner in his journey toward divinity or union with God.

How do I know if I have met my soulmate?

There are five indispensable characteristics of a soulmate encounter.

First, there is an Irresistible Force that will draw you to each other whenever you live on earth. You will surely meet when it is time for you to meet. No force on earth can prevent such a meeting.

Second, there is Immediate Soul Recognition once you meet. This recognition is on a soul level, not merely on the mental or emotional plane. It is much deeper and therefore more difficult to explain or understand, at first. But each one will recognize the other as his or her other half.

Third, the relationship is total. This means you are compatible in all seven levels of your being, not merely on some of them.

The seven levels of your being are the physical, etheric, emotional, astral, lower mental, higher mental and spiritual. That’s why a soulmate encounter is very strong and quite shocking or incredible to most people when it happens to them.

Fourth, there is no feeling of guilt. No matter what others say, no matter what society or religion may say, there’s no feeling of guilt about one’s feelings for the other.

Fifth, Soul Expanding or Soul Uplifting. A soulmate encounter is essentially or ultimately a spiritual encounter and not a physical one, for the job of a soulmate is to help each other grow spiritually and expand their consciousness.

How do I find my soulmate?

One need not consciously look for his or her soulmate because he or she will appear in one’s life when it is time for you to meet.

But one can hasten meeting one’s perfect partner or soulmate by an invocation which was suggested by Edgar Cayce.

You can invoke the following prayer twice a day, once in the morning and another in the evening:

“Lord, send me that one whom I can love and help, and who can love and help me.”

Notice here the mutual helping of each other in the invocation. That’s what soulmates are for.

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I love reading Jaime Licauco’s.Im so hooked with the mystical and reading his works give answers to my questions. Check out his books to learn more about Soulmates, Reincarnation and Karma.

    • soulmitz
    • February 16th, 2010

    have you tuned in to his radio program last february 14, 2010? the topic was about soulmates and he interviewed a German guy who reunited with his twin soul/soulmate.

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