I love you, Goodbye

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Directed by Laurice Guillen, this film is about Adrian (Gabby) and his relationship with Lizelle (Angelica). However, Lizellel is still confused because her past lover Gary (Derek Ramsay) comes back to win her back. Complicating matters even further is the fact that Adrian’s daughter (played by Kim Chiu) is also attracted to Gary.

I’ve seen the movie last night. I was insisting my friends and I watch Shake , Rattle and Roll instead..I was a little dismayed watching the flick really..I don’t know..it’s a mixed feeling that the movie was ‘maganda’ pero parang hindi naman.. Maybe it was a high expectation since it was produced by Star Cinema and directed by high calibre director Laurice Guillen..But what happened?

Angelika Panganiban was good in this, no doubt.Gabby Concepcion  was the right man for the role..But I did not see a new Angelika and Gabby ‘attack’ of the roles portrayed.I’ve seen that acting before in their previous teleseryes and movies–nothing major.

Kim Chui was an effective brat.But I hope she could have given more. And Derek,I thought his was half baked.

I didn’t felt the movie climaxed..Or just when it is about to climax, I did not reach it. Was it their acting?Or is it just me?

If there are scenes that I loved, it would be Derek and Angelika’s beach scene.. I love the scenery, I felt their passion. I even thought they were truly carried away and forgotten others were there shooting the scene.I also like Angelika’s ‘crying under the rain’ moment- it was so nostalgic.

For me, one could just wait for the movie in CinemaOne. 

I left the movie house really wondering what happened.Something’s telling me the movie could have given more..Well, my friends liked it..Again, maybe it’s just me.

This movie, i give 2.5 stars.

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