This 2010

Welcome 2010!

Yes, another year’s over..I had a fruitful least 90% of what I’ve written in my vision board were realized.

I got the promotion and had a little increase.I was able to travel to Boracay, Bohol, Cebu and celebrated my birthday at Coron.I was able to save some money and is thinking of investing a portion of it in a mutual fund. I bought a laptop- and the idea of getting a portable dvd and magic sing felt unnecessary (for now).

I wasn’t able to find ‘love’ though..and the plan of enrolling on a new course did not push thru.

For this year:

I want to travel out of the country- visit SG and HK. Or if finances doesn’t permit, I’d like to travel to Cagayan de Oro instead and try water rafting. I’d still like to step in Sagada, return to Marinduque and travel Vigan.

I want to transfer to a new home. Or if I can, I wanna have my own house (Pag-ibig financing please help!).Hopefully, we’ll be able to transfer by the first quarter of the year.

I want to learn how to drive..BADLY!

I want another promotion..or at least have a BIGGER increase!If I wont get promoted until June,I might think of exploring other oppurtunities..

I want to read more more movies and theatre plays..

I want to have a new phone..BB unit please..

I want to live a healthier lifestyle..Drink less alcohol, cut carbs, eat more greens.I want to trim my tummy and tone some muscles.

I want to be freed from credit card debts. Im proud to have not used my cards for the month of December..If Ive done it,maybe I can do it again..Go cash! lolz

I want to be more generous in giving compliments and praise. Be more tactful and be more sensitive with the feelings of others. 

And yes, I want to have that elusive LOVE this year.. Whoever you are, may we cross our paths soon =))

I hope we’ll have a prosperous 2010. Peace for our country.Less calamities and tragedies. Recognize more heroes and bigger talents. Be more politically matured. Be more earth- frienldy.And may we all live in abundance.

Happy 2010 everyone!

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